RESTAURANTS:  SavorCity is interested in featuring the "hidden gem" restaurants of Bridgeport. If you would like your restaurant to be considered for an upcoming SavorCity event, please tell us a little about yourself! What type of food do you serve? How many can you seat? Do you have space for a musician or small band to set up? Do you have wall space for an artist to display artwork? What day of the week is slower, when it would be to your advantage to have a SavorCity event with 30-50 people attend?

There is no cost to the restaurant to participate, and the restaurant collects all monies from the meals served.

MUSICIANS: Would you like to make some money playing a fun gig in a local restaurant? Tell us a little about yourself! What genre of music do you play? Have you had experience playing in a restaurant setting before? Please provide a link to a website, SoundCloud or iTunes so we can hear your music.

ARTISTS: If you would like to have a show of your work at one of the upcoming SavorCity events, please tell us about yourself! What type of artwork you make? What is your website or social media address where we can see your art? Typically between 4-7 artworks are hung for the event. All sales are handled directly by the artist and there is no commission taken.

Artists and Musicians need to live or work in Bridgeport to be considered. Thanks!

Thanks for submitting!